Rhonda Lazerte Ministries was federally incorporated in 1986, receiving income tax-deductible status.  

In 1987, 
Door of Hope moved from radio in Oakville, Ontario to community TV.  Rhonda was soon asked to consider doing Door of Hope as a national broadcast on Vision TV - an immense faith challenge for a young woman with little money and no denominational support. Reluctant to proceed without a financial base, Rhonda sought divine guidance.  

She asked God to confirm this vision with a large financial gift from a stranger. The next day, Rhonda’s husband, Al received a business call from Toronto Pastor Paul Smith.  At the end of the conversation, Pastor Smith asked Al if he was married and if his wife was involved in Christian ministry.  He then said he was sending her $10,000 ...without knowing how the ministry would use the funds.   That was Rhonda’s confirmation from God.

Door of Hope was launched across Canada and continues to this day with the faithful support of its viewers.